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Help us to rebuild our Studio...

The dream...

“Our aim is to give people a safe space to explore their daily struggles in life, and to bring some much needed clarity, light & love wherever its needed...”

When we began this company back in 2013, we agreed that it be started on the foundation of one thing, 'To Serve' in whichever direction that 'Life' calls us to.

Over the past decade, 'Life' has taken us on a whirlwind of a journey; tossing us in storms so that we could develop the skills that we needed in order to do what we believe is good work today.

Being blessed with the opportunity to 'Serve' despite all that we've been through, we feel that it is our duty and responsibility that we use the abundances, gifts, compassion, wisdom and love that life has offered us in service of something GREATER than ourselves.

To us, a business is a powerful tool in which we can use to 'EMPOWER' and affect change in the communities we live in; Therefore it is our prayer that this space becomes a sanctuary of 'Peace, Purpose and Hope' for all who wish to reconnect with the light inside; Taking yourself on 'A journey back to you...'

Our Studio


Community Space

1) Community Space for self-awareness

Daily use : Open to public - Free Services & Activities

Intention : A space to explore, heal and overcome our daily obstacles.

Highlights : Free daily self-awareness sessions, Mini crystal reading, Tree of Life, Discovery wall, Creative space, Beading Table

More details :

Daily Self-Awareness Sessions :

A unique mini workshop conducted by our founders to help shed some light on your present circumstances and how to overcome them.
Live Q & A
1x Session per day

Mini crystal Reading :
Daily personal crystal messages to gain deep insights and clarity about your present circumstance

Tree of Life : 
A specially curated space that uses the profoundness of 'Writing theraphy' in short notes to unlock your inner wisdom.

Discovery wall :
A specially curate wall to help you find inner-peace and balance in moments of uncertainty.

Creative Space :
A space to express your talents & creativity

Beading Table : 
This fun space allows you to explore the hidden 'Designer' in you. Do you have what it takes to be a WTF Bracelet Crystal Designer?

Crystal Workshops

2) The Journey Back To You

Highlights :

- Crystal Jewellery Making 
- Healing Workshop
- Discover the blocks and release
- Learn to heal from stress & anxiety 
- Learn to connect with the right crystal
- Learn to design with our founders
- Experience private Crystal Reading
- Learn the art of 'Intuitive Designing'

Schedule :
1x per week

Intention :
To give you a starting point to heal and manifest the life that you 'Deserve' while leading you on a powerful journey back to you.

Workshop Themes

- Cultivating Self-Love
- Unshakable Confidence
- Manifesting Wealth & Abundance
- Finding Purpose
- Healing & Forgiveness
- Transformation & New Beginnings
- Relationships & Love
- Building a relationship with Pain & Darkness
- Protection & Overcoming Fear

and many more...

Also available : 
Workshop for kids, Fun & interactive team building and  Customized Experiences.

Community Cafe

3) Pay-It-Forward Community Cafe

Intention :
Our intention is that everyone leaves our cafe feeling 'Inspired, Clear and Rejuvenated' with a new sense of energy.

Concept :
- Crystal Tea (Visit us to find out more)
- Natural, Simple, Tasty & Wholesome meals
- Crystal Water (Water purification & Energizing)
- Pay-it-forward program
- Daily Free meals for financially challenged families.

Operations : 
Open to public 6 days per week 

Previous Contributions to the community around us:
956 FREE Hot Meals contributed in 3 weeks of operations before closing down

What happened to our studio after Covid?

Since our closure after the 2nd lockdown in Malaysia, we have been unable to gather the funds necessary to rebuild this space as we couldn't afford the sum that was needed to bring it back into operations. Each time we found ourselves close enough to saving up, we would end up needing to spend it on repairs, maintenance, debt settlements or emergency expenditures which threw us off budget; thus leaving this space dormant for almost 3 years.

Over the years, we often questioned ourselves on whether or not it is our 'Destiny' to keep this space; however each time we pondered this question, a voice kept saying, "Be patient. There is something there."

Keeping 'Faith', we decided to hold on to this space and taking it as far as we can go; paying the monthly rent and utilities without income generation; while maintaining the building in hopes of bringing it to live someday.

Having said that, we feel that the time is 'Right' for us to give it another shot! Therefore we pray that through these initiatives, we will be able to raise the money needed; and bring this beautiful place back to life for you; and all those who needs a little dose of magic in their lives...

WTF Bracelet Crystal Shop

4) Custom-made bracelets & accesories designed specifically to suit your needs 

Intention :
Our mission is to help you reconnect with the light in your heart.

Featured Products & Creations :
- More than 500+ items and creations to choose from
- Crystal Bracelets
- Necklaces
- Ear Rings
- Rings
- Anklets
- Keychains
- Bookmarks
- Purifying stones
- Tumbled stones
- Pocket stones
- Raw Gemstone specimens
- Crystal Dreamcatchers

and many more...

Featured Services :
- Crystal Reading
- Crystal Workshops
- Self-awareness Workshops
- Wholesale Distributorship
- Event Gift Solutions
- Brand Activation Pop-up
- Life Coaching
- Crystal Healing & Designing Apprenticeship
- The Journey Back To You (Healing session)

Highlights :

- Experiece a guided 'Intuitive' process that is designed to connect you with the 'RIGHT' stones for your current needs. 

- Choose your favourite accesories & charms

- Work with our designers or watch us create your masterpiece for you

- Experience a personal crystal reading with our founders and get ready to 'BE SHOCKED'! 

- Find the answers that you need through crystals and discover the next step that you need to take in order to build the life of your dreams!

Operations :
Open to public 6 days per week

Pic : A guided 'Journey Back To You' session for the community of Tatler & Volvo Malaysia 2023

Pic : Intuitively connecting to crystals

Pic : Discover the meaning of your stones

Pic : Watch our designers create your masterpiece


Buy A Crystal Message

If you've always wanted a 'Life coach' but couldn't afford one, here is the next best thing!

Build the life that you were 'DESTINED TO LIVE' by subscribing to a personal crystal message.

Trust me, you won't want to miss this!


Buy A Rock

"Be the 'Rock' in which others can lean on..."
Support our fundraising by buying a tumbled stone that resonates with you and have your Gemstone delivered to your doorstep with a special 'Crystal Message' just for you.


Invest In Our Community

Join our Crystal Community by Investing in our projects and earn money passively as we grow!

P/s : Investments starts from as low as RM100. 
Investment window : Now - 15th November 2023


Buy A Private Crystal Reading

Buy an exclusive private crystal reading session with our founders!
Learn about the blockages in your life, How to overcome them & How to build the life of your dreams

Includes Q&A session


Find us here :

WTF Studios
252A Lebuh Carnarvon,
10100 Georgetown,

+6 012 592 5616