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Summary of Properties :

A stone of Deep healing, Honest communication, Abundance, Protection, Empowerment, Leadership, Creativity, Insight, Grounding, Stress, Peace, Balance, Compassion, Self-forgiveness, Acceptance, Focus, Intuition, Deeper connection, Wisdom, Safety during travels

Helps in immune system, Anti inflammatory, Respiratory system, Eye sight problems

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Feeling a need for healing and change, Desires to cleanse the old, and start over, Often feel exhausted from daily encounters, Seeking to express your truths, Experienced an immense amount of pain, trauma and suffering, Ready to let go of the past, Desires divine protection, Seeking to open up oneself to give and receive true abundance

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

Strengthening stone, Good for exhaustion, Aids depression or panic attacks, Enhances physical and psychic immune systems, Supporting the assimilation of nutrients, Alleviating pollution and viral infections, Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying, Reduces excess acidity, Aids gout, rheumatism, and the stomach, Helps respiratory & lung problems

Assists in problems of the brain, eyes, ears, neck and throat, especially cataracts, migraines and headaches.

Wearing a turquoise necklace helps prevent tracheitis and other bronchial attacks. By healing the breath, this stone may cure speech disorders such as stammering.

Mentally :

Helps us to expand our mind consciously by following the desires of our heart, Encourages us to express our thoughts and to bring them into action, Brings perspectives to our problems and challenges, Brings a deeper understanding on the hurt or pain that we feel inside

Emotionally :

Aids in effective communication, Brings empathy, love, compassion & understanding, Encourages us to 'give' and to share our light, Inspires creative expression, Helps us to accept the past for what it is & to let it go, Aids in healing old emotions and deep trauma

Spiritually :

Inspires compassion, forgiveness & understanding, Brings divine protection, Helps us to release the past in order to move forward, Brings perspectives to the hurt that we feel, Helps us to rediscover ourselves and gifts, Opens us up to give and receive again, Allows abundance to flow freely into our lives, Encourages us to speak from our heart

Wisdom From The Stone :

"If you find yourself drawn towards this stone, chances are is that you're feeling the need to purify yourself of all that you've been through and to start over. The pain, the troubles and the suffering that you've had to endure, has not only taught you, but shaped you into the person that you are today.

You feel a need to open up yourself again; to offer your strength and to share your Light with those who are seeking. You feel a responsibility to 'serve'; a desire to find meaning in your pains; a desire to love and care for one another.

Though the process of healing is far from over, the thought of telling your story inspires you to be vulnerable, and to take that leap of faith into the unknown; making love, kindness and compassion your super power.

However, despite all that you intend to do, you feel that the current environment around you does not allow you to grow into the next stage of your life which often causes you to feel locked up.

Because of that, you feel like the environment is sucking the genius out of you; not allowing you to contribute, or to speak your truths, or to express yourself in the way you are able to.

Being drawn to a turquoise makes healing and change your priority. It's a call for you to reconnect with your inner light; to get a little closer to yourself, and to experience the 'Oneness' that resides in you, and around you.

It's a call to prioritise 'You'; not in a narcissistic way, but in a compassionate way. It's a call to trust in the Universe; to trust in mother nature and to let your worries flow like water. 

The turquoise comes into our lives in moments of 'transition'. Very often this happens whenever we've had a painful experience which brought us to the point of 'I can't do this anymore'; thus making us feel the need to protect ourselves and to prioritise our own needs. 

This often results in us discovering parts about ourselves which we never knew existed; bringing to life ‘Gifts' that were otherwise hidden or suppressed by the circumstances surrounding our lives.

Having a turquoise around also aids in opening up our hearts to our environment, connecting us to our inner voice which brings about great wisdom, creativity and change in our lives.

This in turn encourages us to speak our hearts while allowing our voices to be channels of peace, instruments of change and vessels of love. 

Last but not least, having a turquoise close to you raises your vibrations from a state of Fear to a state of 'Being Guided by Grace'. This new found state frees your soul from the shackles of scarcity while opening your heart to the abundances around you; thus making you feel a sense of gratitude, magic and love in your life.."

History, Myths & Legends :

The Apaches ascribed some of the powers of the thunder-stone to turquoise, believing a man who could go to the end of a rainbow after a storm and search in the damp earth would find a Turquoise. One of its supposed powers was to aid the warrior or hunter in the accuracy of his aim. If the turquoise was attached to a gun or bow, the shot sped from the weapon would go straight to its mark. 

The Navajos and other Native American shamans used Turquoise for cloud-busting (initiating much needed rain) by throwing it into a river while praying to the rain god.

The Zuni believed Turquoise could protect them from demons.

Turquoise was believed to have the ability to tell the hour correctly if suspended from a string within a glass by the exact number of strokes against the sides.

According to Hindu and Persian mystics, it was very lucky to have a Turquoise on hand at the time of a new moon. It is believed that seeing a turquoise after gazing at the new moon on the pratipada (the first day of the lunar month), would receive unexpected wealth and abundance.

Chakas :

Thymus Chakra

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