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Summary of Properties :

A stone of Passion, Joy, Excitement, Happiness, High Energy, Leadership, Spontaneity, Creativity, Openness, Confidence, Abundance, Wealth, Inspiration, Blessings, Motivation, Bringing emotional & spiritual warmth, Cleansing negativity, Unconditional love, Willpower, Personal power, Truthful expression, Success, Luck, Self-healing

A great ‘Pick me up’ stone.

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Feeling a need for an energy boost, Desire the abundances of life, In need of some masculine energy, Feeling a need for creativity, Desires passion, excitement and energy, Feeling tired, Lethargic or uninspired, Needing a mood lift, Feeling lost or uncertain of the path ahead, Need a confidence lift or feeling unworthy

How Can This Stone Help Me?


Brings a boost of energy and vitality, Brings warmth, Helps digestion & metabolism, Aids kidneys & reproductive system, Stimulates the immune system & improves self-healing abilities, Helps sore throats, stomach aches & ulcers, Relieves rheumatism, general pains & aches, Helps injuries, fever & infections


Clears Negativity and brings a sense of optimism into our ideas and intentions, Heightens our intuition and allows our true-self to come forth and shine our light into the world, Helps leadership & creativity, Encourages us to use our gifts in service of the Highest Good


Inspires passion, creativity and romance with life, A perfect pick-me-up stone, Puts us on a path of strength and empowerment to build and live our best life, Increases self confidence and a mood booster


Brings sheer excitement, joy and gratitude for the moment, Helps us recognise the abundances around us, Brings a boost of vital energies to charge and balance your chakras, While the moonstone is about inner reflection, the sunstone is about outer reaction; calling unto us to act in line with the energy of our soul

Wisdom From This Stone:

If the energy that comes from a moonstone is like the love of a loving mother, the sunstone to us is like the love of a loving father. The love of a father is a burst of passion, excitement, thrill, joy and happiness. It's the energy of wanting to do something together; to express our authentic self and to let our light shine into the world...

It's about being unapologetic about who you are; recognizing that you are as deserving of love, abundance and happiness as anyone else in this world. It's about living from a direction of creation; allowing your creative spirit to take control and to lead the way. It's about the lightness of being guided, alive and unstoppable...

When we find ourselves connected to this stone, chances are is that we need a little lift in our confidence and moods to get us over the line. Sometimes when we are building towards a dream, we often find ourselves getting drowning in the process; getting lost, or more importantly, losing sight of what's truly important. These situations can sometimes cause us to feel empty, unworthy or uninspired, thus draining us from the very thing that we're meant to fuel us.

By being called to the sunstone, we are being reminded of the importance of each moment; that the beauty of the next moment, depends highly on the quality of the current moment you are in. By being grounded and connected back the the present, we learn that happiness isn't a 'destination'; it is a 'journey'. It is the satisfaction of creation, play and expression. It is culmination of the person that we become along the way. It is the joy of being alive.

By serving the light inside of us, we open ourselves up to receive the abundances of life. While most of us think that manifestation or attraction is about thinking and focusing on what we want, the sunstone teaches us that the secret of the law of attraction lies in our ability to 'resonate' deeply with the energy of our soul; thus attracting to us our 'Pre -Destined' blessings as we evolve each step of the way...

This stone brings about the energy of the sun; filling us with vitality, life and confidence. Its lifts us up above our current circumstance, filling us with a sense of optimism, passion and enthusiasm. It inspires us to 'Live' rather than to just be alive; thus making peace, happiness and excitement a necessity for our lives...

The sunstone is also known as a stone of luck and good fortune.  It clears and energises the chakras, thus making way for healing to take place. This stone knows that for a healthy and balanced mindset, it's important to have a full spectrum of emotions, but it also knows that emotional intelligence comes from feeling rooted in self-worth, confidence, and the knowledge that no matter what happens you will find a spot of light in which to persevere.

Chakras :

Aids in balancing the Sacral & Heart Chakras

History/Lore :

Known as a representation of Ra in Egyptian mythogy and Helios in Greek mythology, this stone was said to be commonly found most notably in the Fjord sweeping lands of Norway.

Long before compasses were created, this stone was the secret to the great successes that the Vikings had in navigating the seas through cloudy skies. It was also said to be a scared stone to the Native Americans; a gift resulting from the blood spilled by a great wound warrior.

According to the researchers, the principle behind this stone as an early version of a compass relies on its unusual property of creating a double refraction of sunlight, even when it is obscured by cloud or fog. By turning the crystal in front of the human eye until the darkness of the two shadows were equal, the sun's position can be pinpointed with remarkable accuracy.

The study authors speculated that even in the era of the compass, crews might have kept such stones on hand as backup. Often found in warm shades of orange, gold, red and brown and with a translucent look and iridescent shimmer filled with glitters, this stone is known to be the perfect representation of the masculine energy; a stone of joy, light, creativity, passion and abundance...

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