Eurasian Fiesta 2014 Penang (Honesty Shop Pop-up)

August 22 2014 – Charmian Rasen

What a wonderful experience it was for us at the recent Eurasian Fiesta 2014 held on the 17th of August 2014 at the Moral Uplifting Society in Penang which was part of this year's Georgetown Festival; Impeccable music, unbelievable food, creative crafts and most of all, great people. Having only heard about it's success last year made us even more enthusiastic about being part of the whole fiesta this year which is organized by James Rozells and Kathleen Rodrigues on a yearly basis for the 3rd year running and having a sneak preview about what's coming in 2015 is just incredible. 

When we first brought the idea of a Honesty Shop to the market, scepticism filled the air with many concerned citizens telling us to beware of theft and that people would rather choose dishonesty over honesty if they would not get caught in the act. We didn't believe in that as we all exist on this planet because of love, and it is rooted deep down in all of us to do good given the chance to do so.

However, since we were told that we grew up in a world full of crime, we wanted to prove the sceptics wrong; and rather than just talk and have aimless arguments about the purity and the heart of a human, we decided to take it to the streets.

Our aim was to give people the choice of choosing between honesty and dishonesty by presenting them with an opportunity to choose either one of the two choices. As usual, we had our unmanned Honesty Shop set up at the Fiesta to give all those that attended a chance of proving yet again, how honest our society is; and it's no surprise that the buyers of our jewellery showed 100% Honesty factor! Kudos to all of you at the Eurasian Fiesta that made it a success and thank you for showing the world that we are honest.

It is in situations like this that gives us hope in humanity. Stay tuned as we have lots of places to pop-up and hopefully give everyone, not only people in Penang, but also throughout Malaysia and possibly worldwide a chance at playing a part of building an honest and loving society.

We would like to end this blog post with a little note from us to all of humanity...

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A Letter: Life on Earth as we know it...

Self preservation; motivated by knowledge and driven by desires. Our never-ending quest to come out on top, or to be the best regardless the price. The basic instinct of all life on Earth comes down to survivability. This is a short story of my life... 

Being born into a multi-cultural society probably was the plan for me; an advantage to learn all the different culture and beliefs around me. I was born into a family assimilated to none; a family that had a healthy mix of Chinese, Indian and Eurasian. 

I grew up wanting the things that other people wanted; I enslaved myself to serve my life for the sole purpose of acquiring worldly desires. We live in a world where we are shown what to like and shown the way of life; if we live it any different, we are branded as mentally ill patients. We cling to our desires of money, sex, food and entertainment so tightly that the rest of the world means little; as long as we survive.

We were told that our world is cruel and selfish; that we must grow up to achieve success or be branded a failure by society. I,I,I or my family and I was the only thing that mattered; I had to win in this race of life on Earth, and winning means to crush my competitors completely. This is how it is, and this is how it must be; or is it?

We were raised in a world that battles for supremacy, tyranny and ultimate control over our life and the life of others around us which would liberate us and ultimately bring freedom to us. Is that the kind of freedom that we truly desire? Or is control just an illusion?

Is it wrong for me to think that way and to want the things above? No it isn't, because at that point of time, I made the very best of decisions given the things that I knew. We all make the best decisions at any point of time given the things that we know.

Since we live in a world where right or wrong don't exist as it is made up by men that are no better than us, our lives are governed by this very thing and we dictate our lives to be what society wants us to be; and that isn't wrong, neither is it entirely right.

Some say life is a string of test that is put before us; though that is not entirely accurate for me. Life is a journey for me, where we are given choices on a daily basis which would ultimately shape the person we become. Mistakes will be made along the way, but it is not meant for anything else other than to teach us what should have been done.

Look at life on Earth from an observatory point of view; we fight for this thing called freedom yet in order to gain freedom it requires suppression of other souls on Earth; or does it? This is what the world has come to be as we have forgotten about what unconditional Love means.

Here is where things will change...

Lets sit back and observe what can be done from a different point of view. We are all trapped in a system that is made to separate us from one another; some say it's religion, race, the colour of our skin, the culture that we come from; it makes us different and sometimes we see differences as comparison rather than connection.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and that reason is exactly this; that we are meant to learn about the differences that we perceive as it brings nothing good unless we learn to connect ourselves with everyone else for the greater good of mankind. 

What is this greater good that I speak of? It's about unity, integrity, consensus and harmony between one another regardless of race, religion and creed. It is about agreement rather than disagreement; alliance rather than opposition; unification rather than division; and this would all bring about the feeling of togetherness which we have kept seeking ever since men forgot to love unconditionally. 

How do we do that? Firstly we have to recognise that everyone makes the best decision at any given time based on the amount of knowledge that we receive. Once that is done, we must understand that change only happens by building a new model so powerful, which makes the old look obsolete; not by fighting the existing. Finally, we must have people willing to be that change we want to see in society. These were the teachings of great men that descended upon this Earth, but somehow we never connected the dots.

Action needs to be taken and we can do that by creating a community that is willing to spread positive changes and help each other grow in terms of humanity. Recently I witnessed a preview of some brief plans for ASEAN integration and it clicked that this came at a time of need, where we must work together in making an example for the world to follow and free ourselves from limiting beliefs. 

Monetary pursuance isn't something bad at all as it is essential for most of us to survive since the time money/currency was created; however instead of dedicating our full focus only on getting richer, we should focus part of our energy in our field of expertise to create the change we want to see, and I strongly believe that our money matters will be taken cared of if we do that. 

Should all these come to past, we will be able to witness the greatest evolution that has ever happened in the recorded history of mankind; where self preservation would not be a subject, instead our focus will be turned towards life elevation. "The world doesn't need more 'successful people.' The world desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds," quoted by the Dalai Lama. 

Understand that these applies to every single race and culture on Earth as we are all inhabitants of this planet which therefore makes us responsible towards the well being of one another. It doesn't mean to stop our entire pursuit of life's wonders and joy or to abandon all ambition and aspiration; it simply means to divert part of our energy towards the evolution of life on Earth. Let us make an example for the rest of the world to follow and inspire the young into a brighter and more habitable future.


"Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others."
-Saint Augustine
On behalf of the Team,

Joshua Levi Rasen

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