The world's first online Honesty campaign...

September 14 2014 – Charmian Rasen

For months we were cracking our heads for a way to reach out to the world; to let everyone feel the joy and confidence that feeds our soul through an act of honesty, and finally we have found way. 

We decided to push the limits of our Honesty Shop in a way that has never been done before! 

Some sceptics still doubt the values that are rooted deep down within us with the reason that people will not risk the chance of being caught in the act of flicking an item physically, hence the reason why our campaign succeeded in Penang, Malaysia. 

We want to restore the hope within these people and help them believe once again, that people truly are good whenever presented with the choice to choose between being honest or not.

Let us show the world, what the heart of a human is all about...


Online Honesty Shop- I'm Feeling Honest!



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