When Choosing Crystals and Gemstones
In this 8 minute video, we share with you an 'ANIMATED' true story of a 24 year old's experience in our shop, and how he almost ruined his life by choosing stones/crystals using this dangerous method which is 'commonly used' by more than 90% of the population.

P/s : Don't skip the intro before the animation. 
We promise that this will be most important 8 minutes of your life.



When it comes to picking stones for YOURSELF or SOMEONE ELSE, it is our intention that connects us to the stones that WE NEED. 

Think of it like 2 magnets of the polar opposites attracting one another.


Choose first, read later... 

Believe me, I know it's hard!

But the question is, HOW SMOOTH do you want your journey to be?

This is why it is crucial to pick a stone or creation intuitively without knowing the meaning of the piece; because when it comes to matters of the heart, your energy already knows what your soul seeks...

Apart from all the wonderful healing and benefits that crystals bring into our lives, they also have the ability to show us 2 things; 

1) More clarity about our present state & where we are in our journey of life 

 2) What we need to do in order to move forward. 


Find the 'Right' stones for your life using the test below
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Based on frequently asked questions in our shop

Q : How do I know if i'm attracted to a stone?


Just go with what calls out to you without thinking too much about it. 

It may be the color, the look, the texture, a design that you can't seem to take your eyes off. 

As long as you feel drawn towards a particular creation or a stone intuitively, that's all you'll ever need to make the choice that your heart seeks...

Q : Must I choose only one stone or can I choose a few?

It's not uncommon to be drawn to more than one stone at a time. 

Being blessed to serve our community for almost a decade, we found that most people are often attracted to multiple stones at any given moment. 

On top of that, what often fascinates us the most is how each and every choice always ends up coincidently matching one another perfectly; sometimes in ways beyond our imagination. 

In other words, the stones that you pick will always be mysteriously aligned with the 'Intention' that you need or seek. 

So don't worry, just trust that when it comes to matters of the heart, your energy already knows what your soul seeks...

Q : Will the energy of the stones clash with one another if i'm using more than one bracelet together?

Based on our experience and the blessing from countless others who have been coming back to us over the years, we found that as long as we're drawn towards a particular piece, using them together would only serve to enhance you even more. 

Up till date, I personally use 8 different bracelets simultaneously and contrary to popular belief, I feel more 'complete' and 'connected' with all 8 of them on my wrist, rather than leaving out some... 

The energy just feels more balanced when they are together on my wrist... 

However, don't take our word for it. Experiment on yourself and go with what feels 'Right' for you because there is nothing more powerful and relevant in your life than what your heart is saying. 
Q : What about birthstones? Are they a necessity in my life? 

What can a birthstone do for me? 

Our birthstone reveals to us a lot about who we are at core. 

It gives us better insights about our strengths, the areas in life where healing is required from our past births and clues to the journey we have ahead of us. 
What we've come to experience is that carrying a birthstone helps us stay closer to our element and the values that makes us who we are. 

It helps keep us in check whenever we stray too far away from the 'Highway' of our Divine Calling; creating signs and circumstances that pulls us back on track. 

How can it be more powerful? 

What our customers and many others find even more powerful is when a birthstone is used simultaneously with the stones that are 'CURRENTLY ATTRACTING' us... 

The stones that we are currently drawn to helps unearth the current blockages we are facing in life, while giving us deep insights and 'clues to what we must focus on' to take our lives to the next level. 

The Birthstone on the other hand, ensures that we stay true to our element; while helping us act from the 'HIGHEST PART' of our being in any given moment. 
Q : What if the stones that I like today are different from the ones I liked yesterday?

When we tracked back our journey with stones, what CG and I found is that at every junction in life, we were always drawn towards a different set of stones that were meant to help us on our journey. 

Think of it like your very own 'North Star'; your  'Guiding Light'... 

Whenever a stone comes calling, it means that your life is ripe and ready for that particular stone to work its magic; therefore it presents itself to you to help lubricate the journey you are on; making life a breeze...