The Team

Joshua Levi Rasen
C.E.O & Co-Founder of WTF Inc 
"There is nothing more powerful than to have the freedom to dream; because it is in dreaming that we give birth to something beautiful, impossible, yet truly remarkable..."

Heng Cher Gee
Chief Hearts Officer & Co-Founder of WTF Inc
"It's about knowing your worth, believing in it and living it. Never settle for less than what you believe in. I believe that happiness is what you make of it; so choose happiness and live without regrets..."
Chew Bee Eng
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"I wish to show people that life is so beautiful and full of possibilities. I want to inspire others to see that they too are what makes our world a beautiful place; and that we can make the world a better place..."
Lai Kar Mun
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"Don't try being someone else; because there is nothing more powerful than to accept & love ourselves..."
Angeline Wong
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"It's okay to have weaknesses and imperfections. Live who you want to be; and not what society wants you to be..."
Angellin Khor
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"Don't be afraid to be who you are because those who mind don't matter; and those who don't mind, matter..."
Shannon Choong
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"Let's pave our own paths and express our truest self; because sometimes following the norm can be tiring..."
Benedict Jeremiah Tan
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"Stay different, stay real to me is about walking the talk of your own beliefs in life. It's about you, living life, on your own terms..."
Clover Lim
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"My hopes is to always try to be of help to others. The path to being in the mainstream is so packed these days, so why not try being ourselves; explore as much as you can, enjoy the process, drown out opinions that don't serve you and above all, have fun..."
Allister Changat
Brand Ambassador 2021 / 2022
"Stay different, stay real to me is about embracing who you really are without letting the trends, people or the status quo affect you. It is about embracing yourself, skin-deep, and loving yourself for it. It's not about trying to be perfect; but it's about being the perfect version of you..."