Aurora : "Sometimes You Gotta Spoil Yourself"


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Aurora : "Sometimes You Gotta Spoil Yourself"


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Desire to share your love, Desire to shine your light, Desire to express your truths, Searching for emotional healing and resolve, Seeking a deeper connection with oneself and those around you, Feeling compassionate for situations around you

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Invites the energy of love to dominate your actions, Raises your vibrations to love instead of fear, Makes vulnerability your ultimate strength, Helps in communicating your truth with love, Attracts those that resonates with love into your life

      Wisdom & Intention For This Creation :

      "If you find this piece speaking to you, chances are is that you may currently be swept off your feet. You feel a sense of sweetness in you; a sense of bliss, happiness and joy; a sense of love. A part of you just wants to open up completely to everyone around you; sharing the magic of love to the people you care about the most; the people you love...

      However each time you want to take action, a shadow of doubt hovers over you; warning you against getting hurt; a voice that says, 'PROTECT YOURSELF', 'DON'T GET HURT AGAIN', PEOPLE ARE CRUEL', 'TRUST NO ONE'. Though every inch of you wants to explode with love, yet a tiny part of you doesn't want to be hurt ever again...

      If you find yourself in these crossroads, hear this message. I know it's hard. I know you were hurt before and I know what it feels like to be broken up, torn apart and tossed out in the open for the world to see. I know what it's like to feel alone, to feel sad and afraid, to feel pain and to feel like your life is a curse rather than a blessing. I know what it's like to get your heart ripped away; to have your loved one walk away from you. I know what it feels like to be sitting alone in a room, thinking of how to fill that empty space in your heart. I know what it feels like to be lost; to be 'Loved'. 

      There is nothing more painful than the feeling of losing someone or something you love. In fact, 99% of people that takes their lives, or decides to take the life of another stems from the 'Lack' of love that is in their life. Everyone wants to feel cared for, understood, heard, appreciated and important, yet what we forget is that our first love, is the relationship we have with 'Ourselves'. We forget that by giving others the power over our heart, we are not only giving away our emotional home; we are also giving away our 'Rights To Be Happy'. We are allowing others to do as they please with our lives; to squeeze it whenever they feel like it and to toss it whenever they're done.  

      So how can you overcome this? Simple. You have to remember, 'IT MUST START WITH YOU!' You have to start by loving yourself. Start by knowing that the reason someone left you is not because you're 'Not Enough'; it's because they 'DIDN't SEE THE VALUE IN YOU.'

      The reason people hurt you is not because you're inadequate, but because they know how beautiful and powerful you are, and their only way of feeling better about themselves, is by beating you down because they don't know how to get to where you are. Don't mistaken their low self-esteem and judgement for your self-worth. It is not the same.

      You have to realise that a person who loves them-self, 'CAN NEVER' hurt someone else. The only reason they are trying to hurt you, is because they don't like the person they see in the mirror. They feel afraid, inadequate and alone. Let them be. What they say or do is out of your control. Your job is to be the best example of how the world is supposed to love you. Show them what it's like to 'LOVE YOU!' Show them the meaning of true love! Be that example for the world to see. Fill yourself up before you start filling others up; because sometimes you gotta spoil yourself with that same love you keep trying to give to everyone else..."


      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Natural Stones, Synthetic Beads, Brass
      Stones          : Rose Quartz
      Colour           : Deep Sea Blue, Aurora hues, Pink Gold
      Thickness    : 8mm 
      For customized orders, our designers will contact you within 48 hours from your purchase time and guide you step by step in the process of creating your own masterpiece.


      1) Natural Stones: 

      Rose Quartz : Stone of Love; self-love, family love, platonic love, romantic love, unconditional love, lowers stress, brings warmth, fertility and invites romance


      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

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