Blue Sandston a.k.a Galaxy 10mm



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Blue Sandston a.k.a Galaxy 10mm



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      Blue sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar, the most common minerals found in the Earth's crust. Due to the phenomenon of the sand being crystallized together with the minerals, it creates one of Earth's magical wonders, a galaxy-like effect within the stone, hence the name of this stone...

      Properties: Enhance the power of leadership, strength and the body’s good spirits, drive out evil spirits; clear the mind and relieve the pressure. Blue Sandstone resembles the brilliant stars shining in the dark blue sky which bring courage, confidence, willpower; boosting vitality and energy. These starry particles also acts as a great reflector for unwanted energy therefore protecting the user with a balanced Aura. 

      Aids in circulatory system, bones and arthritis.

      Magical Uses: Enterprise, success, opening opportunities, victory and glory

      Elements: Earth, Fire

      Birthstone: Unknown

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