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      One of the things that we try capture in creating a lasting piece is the emotions of the people that we meet...
      Take this picture for example, the bright smiles and laughter of a person, a lady focused on her craft, a child's curiousity, a man passing by, friends sharing a story; all the moments in time that makes the human experience a beautiful adventure...🥰
      For this piece, we tried to capture the essence of youth, optimism and hope. We wanted people to feel the joy of laughter, the warmth of a family and the excitement of childhood all in one piece; and to finish off, a touch of divinity with an angel as a sign of love and devotion...❤️😚
      I guess, when you pour your feelings, your thought and your emotions into a piece; and you mix them up with the skills that you've learnt and the joys that you've experienced, the only thing that you can ever truly come up with, is a creation that is nothing less than a masterpiece...💖

      Category : Bracelet

      Material : Gold Plated Brass, Gold plated brass spacers, Natural Stones
      Stones : Amazonite, Apatite, Turquoise
      Colour : Icy green, earthy blue, Teal, Gold
      Thickness : Stones 8mm & 10mm, Charm approx. 11mmAll items purchased from WTF come with a matching jewellery packaging. Lend your gift a more personal note with one of our greetings cards.


      1) Charms:


      Our ancestors believe that each and everyone of us has a guardian angel that watches over us in each lifetime; a  perfect symbol of faith, hope, love and devotion…

      Material  : Brass

      Finishing : Gold plated with hand-fitted cubic zirconia 

      2) Natural Stones: 

      Apatite : A dream stone to achieve goals, aids in communication, enhancing memory, concentration, aids in problem solving, knowledge into the future for those attuned to her, heals bones, increases metabolic rate, stimulates eyesight

      Turquoise : Oldest stone known to men and one of the most sacred stones across ancient and modern civilization. Stone of protection, abundance, stress-relief, and master healer stone. Known to bring the sky energy to Earth

      Amazonite : Stone of courage, hope, strength, feminine energies, helping us discover the truth about ourselves, empowers us to move and act beyond fear, wisdom to discern between right and wrong, wisdom, luck stone, keeps marriage happy, absorbs cellphone emanations & electromagnetic pollution, helps sexual disorders, aids in child-birth 

      *For a more detailed explanation on the stones & birthstones, check out our Stone Meaning Page...

      P/S: Please leave us a note for the measurement of your wrist in CM

      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

      #WTFBracelet #StayDifferentStayReal


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