"Your Words And Actions Have No Power Over Me..."



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"Your Words And Actions Have No Power Over Me..."


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      "If you're reading this post, we believe that the universe pulled you in today to see this message. We hope this helps and if you ever need someone to talk to, always know that CG and I are here...always❤️

      How can I forgive him after what he's done to me?
      Because of her, I can never love again!
      How could they betray me like that? What did I do to deserve this?

      You got hurt. I know it's painful and it's unfair! Why should you suffer while they get on with life as usual?
      Do you wish for them to go through the same?
      Do you wish for them to feel what you feel and to suffer?
      Would that make your life better?
      Would you feel better?

      Think about this for a second...

      Would revenge take away your pain?
      Would you expect that person to say sorry to you?
      Would you expect that person to feel bad about what they've done?
      Would that make you feel better?

      Though it's nice to hear someone apologising for their mistakes, however most people won't!
      Are you going to keep on waiting for someone to say sorry till you feel better about yourself?

      Do you need their 'PERMISSION' to feel happy? Or to start living?
      Why would you trust someone who has hurt you so much to build you back up again?
      Why would you give someone control over your life?

      We're sorry if this sounds a little harsh, but it's the truth! They've hurt you but that doesn't mean you need to give them control over your happiness...

      The best way we know how to overcome this is to:
      1) Accept what has happened and realize that this is 'only an experience'. It is not your Future!
      2) Empathise with that person; because for someone to hurt you, it only means that they are insecure and they must be coming from a very dark place.
      Remember, a person who loves themself can never hurt someone else!
      3) Find the gift; which is the lesson from this experience.
      4) Pray for the person, their family, their children. Pray for them to love themselves again.
      5) Love yourself sooooo much & show the world how they should love You! Be that example for the world to see!
      Take back your power. Take back your life...

      This piece was made with the intention to help you let go of the pain that has been holding you back; letting it enter and do its healing in you so that it can leave once and for all..."


      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Natural Stones, Stainless Steel, Brass
      Stones          : Quartz, Selenite
      Colour           : Crystal White, Moon Glow White, Silver
      Thickness    : 10mm

      All items purchased from WTF come with a matching jewellery packaging. Lend your gift a more personal note with one of our greetings cards.


      1) Natural Stones: 

      Clear Quartz: Cleanses negativity, enhances vibration of other crystal energies, fertility, absorbs light from the surroundings and provides it to the user; inviting the vibrations of love, light and abundance.

      Selenite: A stone of purification that invites the divine vibration of the angelic realms. Bring peace, gentleness, clarity, heightens intuition, clears energy blockages and elevates our spirit. 

      2) Charms:

      WTF Signature Series: 

      Name: WTF Tree of Life

      The tree of life is believed to be the center of life on Earth through various cultures across the globe. It has marvelled people for centuries and is probably one of the greatest myths of our time. For us, we believe the Tree of Life is the source of life to our universe and the universes beyond; a divine portal towards realms known and the unknown, and the perfect symbol of a mother's love. Whether or not the legend is true, i guess its up to you to find the truth...

      Limited: 500 Pieces Worldwide

      Finishing: High Polished

      Designed & Hand-Carved by: WTF Penang

      Milestone: World's First Snap-On Charm

      Usage: Snap it onto any of your stone beads and change the background of the charm

      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

      #WTFBracelet #StayDifferentStayReal



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