Rose Quartz 8mm



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Rose Quartz 8mm



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      Quartz, one of the most abundant and powerful minerals on Earth producing all sorts of crystals from clear quartz to agates and jaspers. We can only keep going on and on about how much this crystal has influenced our age and as they say, we truly are in a crystal age. If you want to know more about how this crystals are used in our technology today, click here and check out this page... Ancient Japanese believes that clear quartz was formed by the breath of a dragon and regarded it as representing perfection...


      Rose Quartz: A stone of love. This beautiful light pinkish white stone opens up our heart chakra which in turn leaves love pouring in and out of us be it self-love, family-love, platonic, romantic or simply unconditional love. Perfect stone to attract love into our daily lives bringing warmth, fertility, lowers stress and inviting romance.

      Rose quartz is also used to raise self-esteem which gives us a sense of worthiness. It's loving energy teaches us to apply this love to ourselves therefore finding ourselves more worthy of the world and people around us.

      Element: Water

      Commonly found: USA, All around the world

      Birthstone: Taurus, Cancer

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