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Starter Beads + Natural Gemstones mix


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Starter Beads + Natural Gemstones mix




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      The last and most important step in customizing a piece is to decide on the price that you would like to spend on your bracelet.

      The selected price determines the materials options & quantity that we can use in your creation such as the quality of stones (Grade A/AA/AAA- We use only grade A and above), the quality of charms (Rustic plated, Cubic Zirconia, Signature Charms, etc) & the quality of the accessories / spacers that will be used in your creation. 


      What if I don't have a budget and don't know how much to spend?

      A good way to know the price of your piece is to calculate your catalog selection. For example:

      Step 1: Pick your stones - Count the price based on the stones that you pick

      Quantity of each selection: Your choice *winks*

      Step 2: Pick a Charm - Count the price based on the charms you want in this piece. Anything from 1 - 9 pieces works well

      Step 3: Choose a base - E.g Black Stone, Glass, Wood, Aurora 

      Visit this link to know more   STARTER BASE BEADS  

      Spacer / Accessory allowance: Depends on how simple you want the design. Averagely, add in one of these amounts on top of your price from Step 1 + 2 :

      MYR 6 for Basic (2 pieces)

      MYR 12 for Classic (2-4 pieces)

      MYR 18 for a simple design (2-6 pieces)

      MYR 24 an average design (6-8 pieces) 

      MYR 36 for a rugged design (8-12 pieces)

      MYR 60-100 for a glamorous collection (Limited & unique pieces from our private collection: Made from pure stainless steel/sterling silver + cubic zirconia/gemstones)

      Grand Total : Your desired spending should be Step 1 + Step 2 + Step 3 + Spacer


      These ranges are made with a combination of:

      1) Beads : Starter beads + 100% Natural Gemstones 

      2) Charms : Any Range

      3) Spacers & Accessories : Full range

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