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      Modern science is starting to prove that everything we see or perceive in our universe is made out of energy, including our bodies. So what is energy? Over the years, we've grown up to understand energy as a power source that is being transferred to make certain things work; such as electricity and the sugar that powers up our bodies. Though that is true, however there is more to energy than what meets the eye. It is the invincible force that makes up our reality...

      To discover the magic of this wonderful force would take us a lifetime of experiences to learn, however to understand the fundamentals of it is pretty simple. Think of it as a blank sheet of transparent paper; just like the ones we used to buy in school. If we were to look trough just one sheet of transparent paper, we will be able to see right through it with extreme clarity; however as we stack the papers to make it thicker, it slowly starts to blur out, eventually forming into a solid colour/piece of object that is no longer 'see-through' as before.

      This is the culmination of energy that is makes up the mass of our universe. Energy is like a free flowing force that moves through and around us all the time. Some people can feel it, some can see it, some just haven't had the training to do so yet. Nevertheless it's there...

      It is the governing force of our universe; the one true life force that makes everything come alive. To understand the 7 chakras, we have to look at it from an energy point of perspective.

      Though it has been dismissed as a myth for many decades by scientist, today, science has proven that our bodies are made out from a mass of energy; with each of us having our own magnetic field. The 7 chakras are basically the 7 main energy centres of our body; the 7 main points that governs all aspects of the human experience.

      Visible to a trained eye, the vibrance of our chakra colours works as a auric field that protects us from metaphysical attacks or any negativity that may come our way. A sick or troubled person would normally have low energy levels; which would make the auric field greyish or dull in colour as compared to someone who is living a healthy and happy life. Basically the goal of human life is to keep our chakras in balance. It is believed that a balanced chakra leads to a vibrant auric field, which then leads to a harmonious life.

      There is a saying, that the best way to fix a problem is to find its roots; and this happens to be ours...

      The 7 'chakras' which is an old Sanskrit word that literally means 'wheel' play an important role in the balance and health of our bodies, as all living things carries a life force with them.

      The 7 Chakras carries a specific meaning and colour that are also connected to the 7 layers of our aura.

      Layer 1 (Red Color) - Root Chakra - Safety, security, stability

      Layer 2 (Orange Color) - Sacral Chakra - Creativity, Sexual Energy

      Layer 3 (Yellow Color) - Solar Plexus Chakra - Self-esteem, pleasure, will power, personal responsibility

      Layer 4 (Green Color) - Heart Chakra - Everything to do with love, self-love, governs our relationships

      Layer 5 (Blue Color) - Throat Chakra - The force of expression, speech, communication abilties

      Layer 6 (Indigo Color) - Third Eye Chakra - Intuition, foresight, openness, imagination, clarity

      Layer 7 (Violet Color) - The Crown Chakra - Higher consciousness, divine connection, spirituality

      In Chinese culture, the balance of the two opposing forces — the 'Yin' and 'Yang' leads to a healthy life. 

      Each chakra also has a very specific 'Yin' and 'Yang' pathway which transforms frequencies that enters a person’s personal energy field into different sensations; such as emotions, the feeling of happiness, thought and physical sensations.

      So how do we achieve a balance life? Well there are various ways to achieve it, such as practising mindfulness, meditation, making better decisions, living healthily, or even the use of stones as a tool to channel positive energies into our system.

      However, we feel that the simplest and most important trick of all is to worry less, give more, laugh a little louder and love a little harder. Stay optimistic, be limitless, and be adventurous. Hurt no one, help everyone and above all, never stop being you; because to us, being in balance means being happy; and being happy means being you...

      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Brass Charm, Natural Stones, Brass Spacers
      Stones          : Lava Rocks, Agate, Howlite, Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Apatite, Malachite, Tiger's Eye
      Colour           : Black, Silver, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White
      Thickness     : Stones 10mm Charm approx.11mm

      All items purchased from WTF come with a matching jewellery packaging. Lend your gift a more personal note with one of our greetings cards.


      1) Charms:

      Name: Ropes

      A symbol of strong relationships, bonds loyalty and friendships…

      Material : Brass

      Finishing : Silver Plated

      2) Natural Stones: 

      Agate : Strength, Relaxation, Balancing Yin Yang Energies, Anger Management, Good Luck, Heals Relationships, Improves Eyesight, Relaxation, Love, Harmony, Marital & romantic fidelity, protection, Children's amulets 

      Volcanic Lava Rocks: Stone of Strength, protection, stability, fertility, understanding, wisdom and keeps us grounded. Excellent for blood circulation and to be used in baths and water for purification. 

      Tiger's Eye: Protection, willpower, intuition, confidence, heal broken bones, enhances other stones, courage in recognizing ideas

      Clear Quartz: Cleanses negativity, enhances vibration of other crystal energies, absorbs light from the surroundings and provides it to the user

      Apatite: A dream stone to achieve goals, aids in communication, enhancing memory, concentration, aids in problem solving, knowledge into the future for those attuned to her, heals bones, increases metabolic rate, stimulates eyesight

      Lapis : Stone of communication, truth, protection, strengthens the mind, helpful in sinus, cancer, heart, depression. Excellent manifestation stone

      Amethyst : In ancient times, the amethyst was worth as much as diamonds. Stone of faithful love, fire & passion, creativity, spirituality and sobriety. Brings new ideas to life and also a talisman of focus & success.

      Howlite: Stress relief, releases anxiety, Calming Stone, Aids in Insomnia, Releasing attachment from old pain/emotions, helps depression, decreases anger within, used as a healing stone in Tibet  to absorb toxics from the body especially liver

      Malachite: Stone of healing and change, if you're attracted to the vibrant colours of malachite, maybe because it's a time for change. Known as the stone of transformation, this beautiful stone is a great stone for clearing away all unnecessary blockages that are holding you back while igniting the fire in your hearts to chanse your dream. A powerful stone to cleanse negativity, malachite is powerful guardian of the heart, encouraging growth and progress; basically to turn over a new leaf and begin again...


      P/S: Please leave us a note for the measurement of your wrist in CM

      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

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