Customized Crystal Box Set + Private Reading & Healing Session



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Customized Crystal Box Set + Private Reading & Healing Session



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      Get this Limited Edition Customized Crystal Box Worth RM 1,648++ while stocks last!

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      Limited to 100 boxes monthly

      This Crystal Box Includes all of the below for only RM699!


      Exclusive Sessions Included :

      1x Private Crystal Reading + Q&A with our founders (1 hour) RM250

      1x Live 1-on-1 'Journey Back To You' Coaching + Healing Session (45 mins) RM 300

      Included items in the box :

      1x 100% Fully Customized Crystal Bracelet RM300+

      1x Gemstone Necklace / Keychain / Bookmark RM99

      2x Purifying Stones Bottles (For purifying gems and spaces) RM30

      1x Pocket/Tumbled Stone (For self-healing, meditation, therapy) RM30

      1x Limited Edition Signature Birth Element Charm (For closer elemental connection) RM79

      1x Collectible Raw Gemstone (For energizing spaces, Puriying gems) RM100

      + Crystal Message Cards to guide you on your journey (For personal guidance) RM60

      + Unlimited Q&A Session for the duration of the Crystal Reading 

      Bonus Gifts Included :

      1x Step-by-step guide for your personal transformation that saves you time and effort RM150

      1x Specially curated tools & practices to rapidly DECREASE the pain in your journey and realign you with your desires RM100

      1x 7 day Transformation Challenge Checklist RM100

      1x 9 Dimensions of Happiness Worksheet RM50


      Order Process :

      1) Purchase This Set

      2) Our dedicated team will contact you within 24hrs to guide you through the process of customising your box

      3) Crystal picking quiz to find the 'Perfect Crystal Match' for you

      4) Sample making

      5) Confirmation of product design

      6) Crystal Reading session (Virtual or In-person)

      7) Ship out

      8) Coaching & Healing session (Virtual or In-person)

      Types of Boxes Available :

      Healing Box, Manifesting Box, Money Box, Attracting Box, Love Box, Relationship Box, Compassion Box, Wealth Box, Stress Relief Box, Abundance Box, Courage Box, Forgiveness Box, New Beginnings Box, and many more...

      P/S: Every box is designed differently to suit your very own healing and manifesting needs.

      - Every set will be specially designed and curated according to your needs based on your crystal reading session. 

      - Each box will contain the items stated above (Crystals / gemstones type may vary depending on your own personal needs)

      - Each box is custom made to bring you on a powerful transformational journey in order to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.


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