Introduction: Journey Back To You crystal blog

April 25 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Introduction: Journey Back To You crystal blog

Introduction: Journey Back To You crystal blog

Hey there WTF family,

We are extremeeeeeely excited to be starting this blog which has been a long time coming now. When we first started WTF 9 years ago, one our principles for our operations were to always put service and charity at the forefront of our actions. If you were to trace back our story to almost a decade, you'll begin to see how every act that we made were always rooted in 'Charity' and 'Giving back'. However what you'll also come to find is that we were clueless about the way we could contribute to society. You'd probably notice us being all over the place; either disorganised, lost or as I would say today, in search of our true calling...

For the past 9 years, we found ourselves on a journey that has been nothing short of crazy, painful, exciting & everything else in between. Little did we know that life would take us on wild journey of discovery of the universe that lie within us; forcing us to face our deepest pain and sorrow; to deal with the betrayals, fears and agony of growth. It forced us to practise what we preached, and to truly understand what it meant to build a relationship with ourselves.

Though it wasn't easy to face our inner demons, however what we discovered was that life was preparing us for this moment right here. It taught us to fall in love with ourselves, by falling in love with the journey to healing. It showed us over and over again the miracle of life. From going to the brink of losing our business to being saved by the public; to battling with covid, dealing with deep emotional pains, overcoming depression and our encounter with God himself. It showed us the many facets of life, and how each moment gave birth to something new; bringing us closer to our destiny each day...

Connecting with crystal turned our world upside down. It tore everything that we ever valued apart; from crushing our friendships and relationships to building meaningful ones that served our higher purpose. It stripped us of the unessentials; leaving us lost, anxious and depressed; only to make way for the essential. It showed us that the true and difficult journey of transformation, and what it meant to realign ourselves. It taught us that true power comes from surrendering ourselves to that which is greater than us.

It taught us that life is beyond our control; and that our only job is to listen to the whispers of life, and to let it guide our actions. For 9 years we spent searching, learning, experimenting and documenting our life, in hopes of turning these gifts and wisdom into something of use one day; and as life would have it, we're glad to have finally discovered its purpose...

In this blog, we will be sharing with you the lessons that we learnt from our journey with crystals and the ways that we dealt with the challenges of life. There will be lots of articles on personal growth, crystals, the healing that it brings, the science behind its wonder and the magic that it creates. There will also be transcripts from our interview with those who've had their lives transformed by crystals; while sharing with you the methods of manifesting its unique abilities to your benefits. In short, expect all things about the mind, body, energy, spirituality and crystals to be shared here. We hope that through this, we would be able to aid in your healing; to share with you the steps that we took and the lessons that we learnt; to shed some light on the things that matter, and above all, to walk with you on your Journey back to 'You'...


P/s: We'd love to hear from you through the comments. Share with us what you think and what you'd like to learn, and we'll do our best to light up your questions with our experiences...

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