Crystal Reading, Tarot & Healing

In these sessions :

Get clarity about where you are in your journey

Learn about what you need to focus on next

Live Q & A with our readers

Learn a simple method & tool that you can use to apply in your life


What is Crystal Reading?

Over the years of working with crystals, we've been blessed with the wonderful gift of being able to intuitively connect to stones on a deeper level. By listening to the whispers of the stones in a meditative state, we found ourselves acting as a 'bridge' between people and the magical world of crystals.

We were able to serve others through uncovering deep and complex emotional blocks, providing more clarity on the situation while helping people navigate their lives more purposefully through the hidden messages behind each crystal and gem...

In these sessions, you can :

Get more clarity about where you are in your journey

Learn about what you need to focus on next

Live Q & A with our readers

Learn a simple method & tool that you can use to apply in your life


How does Crystal Reading work?

You pick the stone, we tell you your story!

Apart from all the wonderful healing and benefits that crystals bring into our lives, they also have the ability to show us 2 things;

1) More clarity about our present state & where we are in our journey of life

2) Which areas of our lives requires more attention & what we need to do in order to move forward

In these sessions, you'll get to discover the blockages that are present in your life which are currently holding you back, discover the areas of your life that is ripe and ready for change to happen, and get more clarity about what you need to focus on in order to move forward.

When a crystal draws us into their presence, it means that there is an aspect to our life that it is prepared to help us with. As much as we'd like to manifest every single property of gemstones, their role is to guide us back into the path of our 'destinies' by influencing our vibration and the circumstances that we attract; thus bringing about the Truest, Highest and Grandest version of ourselves into expression. 


Why is it important?

Living in an era where we have the ability to suffer more pain in one day compared to what one would suffer in a lifetime before, it is clear that the only way we can thrive in an era like these is through establishing a powerful connection with energy of our soul. While most still feel that 'happiness' can be bought through external means, many are starting to realise that 'lasting happiness' is more of a journey 'within' rather than a journey 'without'.

Through our daily conversations with the people that we serve, many are starting to realise that 'this isn't it'. There is more to life to getting the perfect car, job, house or spouse of our dreams. Sure it's nice to live a life beyond our wildest imagination; yet what we keep hearing is that, even for those who have managed to build a 'successful environment' for their life often tell us that there is still a missing piece to their puzzle and it frustrates them!

It frustrates them to think that they spent all those years sacrificing everything they loved in order to build the life which they 'thought' would bring them happiness. Most of the 'financially successful' people that we know gave up either their time, happiness, health, family, relationships and spiritual needs in order to acquire the life that they have, however there is still something in them which remains unfulfilled; and that is the connection within.

Having experienced the magnificence and abundance of life in our work, it is our deepest wish to help you discover that missing puzzle and to nudge you in the direction that is best for you. We hope that through this, we will be able to serve you by reconnecting you with your heart once again; and maybe, just maybe, to help you 'STEP INTO YOUR LIGHT'...



Over the past few years, we've connected with so many souls that were also on the path of helping others heal from their pain. Though they were all outstanding beings, 2 souls in particular connected with us on such a wonderful level; therefore we decided to collaborate with them in order to bring their talent, gift & experience to you...

Here is how you could reach them below... *winks*

Kammeliesh Sachi
Instagram handle : @thebluelotus_dweller
WhatsApp : +6 016 - 401 4174
Price : 30 mins RM 50 / 60 mins RM 100
Dimple Sharma
Instagram handle :
WhatsApp : +6 010 - 764 6208
Price : 30 mins RM 60 / 60 mins RM 111