Aurora: "For I Know The Plans I Have For You"



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Aurora: "For I Know The Plans I Have For You"


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      "We've got a question for you. How many times have you been excited about an idea or a dream, told someone you trusted, only to have it shot down by them with negative comments and feedbacks? And because of that, you were afraid to go ahead because you thought they had your best interest in mind?

      If you find yourself being called to this creation, chances are is that you may currently have a dream in your heart that you wish to come true, but you are unsure if it's the right thing to do; or if it's going to work out. The saddest part is, your doubts or fears may have come from those around you whom you love the most; family, friends or even lovers. And because it's coming from people that cares about you, most of us fall into this trap thinking that everyone else except our own intuition is right.

      When we created this piece, we only had one Intention in mind; and that is to give you crystal clear clarity of the vision that you currently are holding in your mind. Our prayer is for your confusions to slowly fade away, leaving only the truth before you. Some of you may know that the Tiger Eyes have a special place in our hearts, as it was the very stone that pulled us out of a hole that we created for ourselves from listening to everyone around us except our own inner voice. 

      If you've came across our story on our Instagram Highlights, you'd realize that there was a time back in 2015 where we were less than 60days away from losing everything we've ever built and dreamt of; however what we did not mention in the story was the role this stone played in our lives. It gave us a clarity like no other. It was that divine assurance in our hearts even when all the signs around us pointed the other way. 

      Through this stone, not only was our intuition amplified, but more importantly, it gave us the courage to listen to that voice; to trust in it and to follow it; teaching us what it meant to listen to the whispers in our hearts.

      Having said that, our last question for you would be, 'If this was your last year on Earth, would you rather live the remaining of your days safe and afraid of taking the risk, or would you rather give it all you got and go find out the reason God gave you that dream? " 


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      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Natural Stones, Synthetic Beads, Brass
      Stones          : Tiger Eyes
      Colour           : Sea Blue, Dark Blue, Gold
      Thickness    : 8mm & 10mm

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      1) Natural Stones: 

      Tiger Eyes

      These mystifying stones are profound amplifiers of energy, similar to most quartz crystals, and will boost the energy of any other crystals you use it with.

      In Ancient times, this magical crystal was carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing; protector against the unseen forces. Tiger eye crystals are also known to enhance creativity and is one of the stones that aid Kundalini awakenings.

      Properties: Stone of protection, willpower, wisdom, self-confidence, clear vision, illusion free, enhance personal power/abilities

      Magical Uses: Helps to find courage in recognizing ideas, willpower to create, increase intuition & insight, healing of broken bones, fertility, helps us be more active physically & mentally

      Element: Earth

      Commonly found: South Africa, but it also comes from Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and USA.

      Birthstone: Gemini



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