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"You Raised Me Up"


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Desires a wealthy life, Desires money, Searching for happiness, Feeling lethargic, Procrastinating, Feeling uninspired, Demotivated, Over thinking, Anxious

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Raises our vibration to meet our desires which is in line with the Universe, Brings an energy upsurge, Stirs up our imagination, Brings drive, motivation & willpower, Ignites the burning desire in us to succeed, Inspires us to take decisive action

      Wisdom & Intention For This Creation :

      "If you find yourself attracted to this piece, you've probably come to a realisation and said 'This can't be it!'
      Some part of you refuses to accept the limitations that you are seeing in your life right now. Some part of you believes in something more; something bigger. However, the only thing that is stopping you to act on it is over thinking, procrastination, you lust for perfectionism, or all of the above.
      This was the very first necklace that I made for myself by a Citrine stone chosen for me by our little baby boy, Orion. For some reason, the only stone he played with was that particular Citrine out of the hundred or thousands of stones that were available for him to choose; and it happened on at least 3 or more occasions.
      The very first time i adopted the crystal, i decided to carry it with me wherever i went in my pocket. Though i'm positive that it made an impact in my life, however i wasn't prepared for what was about to come. On one of the nights when i making this exact necklace for the purpose of this collection, a strong feeling came over me to make the exact design for the stone that Orion had picked; and so i did.
      After completing the design, i decided to purify the stone through meditation and finished by setting an intention for the stone. The moment i put it over my neck, i felt a huge surge of energy that drove my system into chaos. I started feeling nauseous, dizzy and totally out of balance.
      The first thought that crossed my mind was to remove it, however a whisper came spoke to me and said to keep it on. Trying to make sense of the whisper in the midst of all that chaos, i remembered one crucial fact, that the purpose of a crystal is to raise our vibration to match the vibration of the crystal or intention that has been set. It started to dawn on me that my vibration was lower than i thought, and that the Citrine was aligning me with my true heart's desires.
      With my whole body literally vibrating vigorously, i decided to stop my work and go to bed. It was about slightly after 1 am. I've been working the whole day continuously from the moment i awoke to about 5am each day for 2 weeks. I would normally sleep for at least 6-7 and a half hours.
      However on that very day, i woke up at 4.30am, fresh and fully charged like a brand new battery. I could feel my body vibrating with such wonderful and pleasant steadiness; like a piece of beautiful symphony. Ideas were pouring into me; charging up with endless motivation and drive; inspiring me to take my new found energy and step into my life's calling...
      This was my first experience with a citrine, but i know it won't be the last. If you were to ever get one of this, keep an open mind free from expectations; cleanse your crystal and set an intention. You can learn more about that by clicking here! And don't forget to share with us your journey and story...
      God bless and have an abundant life always!"

      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Necklace 
      Material        : Natural Stones, Brass, Cotton
      Stones          : Citrine 
      Colour           : Yellow, Gold
      Length           : 50cm


      1) Natural Stones: 


      Citrine, a beautiful stone that carries the power of the sun, is one of the 2 crystals in the entire mineral kingdom that does not require cleansing; the other is kyanite. A powerful stone of manifestation, willpower and intense imagination, it clears the mind and stirring the hunger within which pushes us to take action. It's vibration aids in speeding the process of transforming dreams into reality.

      Properties: Often dubbed the merchant's stone, Citrine is known not only for acquiring wealth, but also helps in maintaining it. A stone of abundance which attracts prosperity, wealth, success and happiness. It encourages generosity and for us to share our goodwill and blessings. 

      Magical uses: Enhances stamina, energy; helps in nourishing our skin, hair and nails. Citrine also stimulates digestion, helping to eliminate infections in kidney and bladder. 

      Element: Fire

      Commonly found in: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia 

      Birthstone: Cancer, Leo


      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

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