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Kunzite 9mm



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      Often called the woman's stone, kunzite is a powerful stone of emotion; great for releasing the walls the covers our hearts, opening it and connecting to everything around to be more receptive to experience unconditional and abundant love. A stone that calm our nerves, kunzite is also a powerful healing stone for women...



      Kunzite is a powerful stone for young or first time mothers, all single mothers and animal mothers who have a difficult time in caring for their young. It is a powerful stone to keep us calm and over-pouring with love especially in the event it involves the life of another. It is a perfect stone to calm the nerves of over-active children and great for helping the young find their footing in this world; especially those who find it hard adjusting to life.

      It is a beautiful stone to keep our nerves in check, keeping us relaxed, calm and focused during examinations, interviews and assessments; helping us be steady in challenging times.

      Magical Uses:-

      Protection, Calming, Love, Creating connection, healing hormones & migraines, aiding in PMS & menstrual problems, soothing joint pains, healing emotional stress,  aiding depression.

      Element: Water & Fire

      Commonly found: USA, Brazil, Madagascar, Africa, Afganistan, Pakistan

      Birthstone: Capricorn

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