Meteorite (Tektite) 8mm-35mm



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Meteorite (Tektite) 8mm-35mm



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      Forged from the extreme conditions upon impact on Earth, these beautiful stones were particles of a meteorite that ricochet off the surface of the Earth, back into space, which were then melted and solidified upon re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. 

      Properties: A stone of connection, tektite brings about great understanding within us, bridging our lives with that of another while surrounding us with the sensitivity and empathy towards other living beings. Also known for its protective powers, tektite increases our strength while inviting the powerful energies of the Earth and the Cosmos into our lives.

      Magical Uses: As a stone of luck, tektite is the perfect stone to connect our hearts with the wisdom of the universe. A great stone to help dream-work, tektite is also a popular choice to help us bring out painful emotions and to find peace within ourselves. Also a powerful stone to protect our energy within from unknown forces while increasing it's auric fields. 

      Element: Earth, Fire

      Commonly found across: Indo-china / Bohemian plateau

      Birthstone: Taurus

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